Winter Trees at the Tear Drop Lakes, Milton Keynes

I was fortunate enough to be able to get out and take some photographs recently whilst we had the snow. On this particular day there was also a most fantastic hoarfrost and, with the temperature not rising above zero degrees, I enjoyed the whole day in these amazing conditions. I spent quite a lot of time just enjoying the scenes before me, taking it all in, soaking up it all up, the stunning winter wonderland.

The three images here were all taken within about an hour of each other while wondering around the Tear Drop Lakes – one of the many lovely parks in Milton Keynes.

Winter Trees 4



Winter Trees 6



Winter Trees 5

Deep in the Forest

If you have arrived here looking for the image entitled ‘Standing among Friends’ you are actually in the right place, although the title has changed. It was pointed out to me by my daughter that the photograph does not match the title (‘Standing among Friends’) because the trees do not look very friendly. I completely agree. I have therefore changed the title to ‘Unwelcome’, as suggested by my daughter. I think the new title reflects my interpretation of the scene.

Update – I printed and mounted this image for entry into a print competition recently and decided to change the name again! The reason being is that I wanted the name to be a little less suggestive of what you might feel when viewing the image and I feel ‘Deep in the Forest’ achieves that. I also removed the toning. I hope you enjoy the image.

Deep in the Forest
‘Deep in the Forest’

Photography Tip: Photographing snow

Do your snow photographs always look dull and grey rather than having lovely white snow?

The problem is the snow itself, the light reflecting off it is confusing your camera! The camera tries it’s hardest to get the exposure of your photo correct, and lets face it they are usually pretty good,  but on normal Auto mode it probably cannot cope with the snow. It thinks the scene is too bright and tries to correct that by letting less light get to the sensor or adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor itself. The result is grey snow and a dull scene.

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