Life and Death

I wonder if they knew each other. Perhaps once they all stood tall, together, protecting each other as they reached for the sky. Protecting fox and deer that sought sanctuary deep within the forest. Grown to be cut down, nothing could protect them; life and death.

Life and Death
‘Life and Death’


New image, ‘Photography’, on a trip to Birmingham

Last weekend I went to Birmingham for a photography course (Photography Career Development Weekend). It was a great course, I really enjoyed it, and I traveled there each day on the train. It is a one and a half hour journey during which time, over the two days, I watched about 4 hours of video on my iPad; mostly photography videos including one on Alfred Stieglitz and and one on Andres Kertesz. Upon arriving in Birmingham I had a little spare time, particularly on the Sunday, and naturally I took a few photos. Here’s one I particularly like.