Beautiful frosty morning sunrise

I had an early start to the day. Originally there was the promise of some mist patches but the latest weather report before I got in the car suggested there would not be any. As I drove along the dual carriageway, heading south, I had still not decided where I was going to go. Driving past the turning for one of my two options decided for me.

A little further along the road, however, I spotted a line of trees in the adjacent field and I stopped in a convenient lay-by to investigate. There was some potential for some monochrome tree images, which is what I’m really looking for at the moment, but the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful colours. What is happening to me, colour photography of all things!

I did hopefully take one or two potential monochrome tree images but here is the first image of the morning. It reminds me how incredibly beautiful a sunrise really is, a really primitive and sometimes emotional experience.

Winter Sunrise