Tree and clouds on a New Forest heath

The New Forest is a beautiful part of England. Covering most of western Hampshire it is a visually wonderful mix of open heathland, deciduous and coniferous woodland, rivers, bogs and streams.

On our family holiday last week my 7 year old daughter and I wandered out onto open heathland. We could not see where it ended. My daughter’s imagination took over. We were explorers and for a short while we were alone in the wilderness, miles from anywhere, following remote tracks to see where they would lead.


White cliffs near Durdle Door

I hope you are all having a great summer and taking some lovely images. I have just come back from a family holiday and whilst I am not usually able to do much ‘serious’ photography there is sometimes the chance for a half decent image. On a quick visit to Durdle Door I was attracted by the white cliffs to the west of the Durdle Door arch itself, and the way the white cliffs and surf made a sort of cross. The white cliffs here are quite dramatic and the people wandering along the beach add a bit of scale.