This image I took as part of a project I am working on about industrial estates (more on that at a later date) but I think this one works well on it’s own.


Three Trees

I have been driving past these three trees for a little while now and finally managed to get out and photograph them recently. I took a closer look last Thursday. They are not very far from my home and when I arrived late in the afternoon I noticed the low sun caressing the hillside below them. The cloud obscured the sun as I set up my camera though. I made a few exposures and although there was nothing special about the light or the clouds it was good to see the potential.

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so I went back for another look late in the afternoon, in the hope of some of that lovely low sun I saw on Thursday. I was not disappointed. I had the time to wait for the right light and to make a variety of exposures as I experimented with clouds. The sun kept ducking behind the clouds but I was patient and I waited. As the sun got lower I noticed it was picking up the new shoots in the field in foreground and adjusted my composition to include the field rather than the sky.

I am planning on photographing these trees periodically over the next 12 months to build up a collection of images in different lighting and weather conditions. I’ll share them here and put them on the gallery page once I have a few.


Anticipation and luck – The Shadow

I had a great time in Oxford today with my father. We wondered around about 10 photographic exhibitions that were part of the Photography Oxford Festival ’14 and saw some wonderful images that were at the same time inspiring, enlightening and sometimes deeply moving.

In the last gallery we went to, in St John’s College, I saw the potential for a photograph as a lady worked her way round the images. She did not spot me as she was concentrating on the prints on the wall. I wanted to catch her in the middle of the end wall, in the spot light as I knew she would be highlighted and there would likely be a good shadow. When she lifted her mobile phone and photographed one of the prints, I got my photograph.


Giant lily pad, reflection and ripples

It is interesting how an image develops in just a few minutes. I was first attracted to the curves of the giant lily pads contrasting with the angular reflection of the glass house roof in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden. After a few attempts to get a suitable composition I brought the flower in to play. Then the stroke of luck, the ripples. I don’t know what caused them but they spread out echoing the curve of the lily pad and breaking up some of the reflection.