‘Copse and Sunlight’ – Peak District

To think that I was not going to go to the Peak District last Saturday. I had planned to go on Friday evening and stay overnight in my camper but a few late nights last week and lack of time led me to the decision not to go. However, talking it over with my other half, she suggested I just get up early in the morning and go, ‘just go’ she said, I was persuaded.

I arrived just after 08:00 into the bottom of the Peaks as I approached from the south, from the A50 towards Ashbourne. The light was beautiful. Lovely morning sunlight with broken clouds. Light rays streamed across the landscape, ever changing and never repeating. I was on a mission, I was looking for trees. I had it in mind that I would find trees on hills and I already had a vision of the kind of image I wanted.

‘Copse and Sunlight’

I was not disappointed. There were many trees on hills and I had taken several potentially good images before I reached Ashbourne. This is one of them. The lovely light did not last long and by lunch time the wind had become quite strong and it clouded over completely with a little light rain. That was it, I did not make any more photographs and headed home mid afternoon, happy and excited to upload my images.

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