My ARPS Panel

On Wednesday March the 12th, 2014, I went to Fenton House, the Royal Photographic Society headquarters in Bath, for my ARPS distinction assessment… and I was successful, I gained my ARPS! I will probably write up my ARPS experience sometime but as I have had a few people ask to see my ARPS panel online I thought I had better get on and do that first!

Hanging Plan

2 thoughts on “My ARPS Panel

  1. Stunning, Bryan, just stunning. I’m just starting to think about an LRPS …. long way to go yet though. Your images give me inspiration!

    • Thank you Sarah. I put my images on-line in the hope that others can enjoy them but I have never had anyone say they are inspired by them! I am glad they do inspire you, thank you for saying so.

      I’m glad to hear you are thinking about your LRPS, I have found it very rewarding to do the RPS distinctions.

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