Nighttime Stroll – Self portrait!

Here’s an image I prepared earlier, October 2013 in fact. I entered it into my local club competition (Amersham Photographic Society) and it did OK I seem to remember, it gained a Highly Commended I think. Towards the end of the year we have a Print Finals evening where you enter two of the prints that you entered in this year’s print competitions. I entered this one and a tree image, and this one came third in the Advanced Class. Not bad really considering it was Gillian Morgan and Chris Palmer who gained first and second place respectively. We’ll done to Laurie Turner though who took overall first place with his lovely ‘Into the Light’ image.

I had one heck of a job printing this image due to so many dark tones. I think I spent about £30 on paper just for this one image. I don’t normally have such difficulties. I use the Imageprint RIP and their excellent profiles coupled with an calibrated Eizo monitor and rarely print an image more than twice.

‘Nighttime Stroll’ – Self portrait!

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