My image for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2013

wppd_bryanwaddington-thmI almost forgot to take a pinhole photograph for WPPD! I was in North Wales visiting family and had actually been taking photos of trees a couple of times during the day, but forgot to take a pinhole photograph even though I had mentioned it to my daughter. It wasn’t until I was driving home late in the evening that I remembered. As soon as I got home I dived out with my camera (DSLR with homemade body cap pinhole) and tripod into one of the alleys between the Victorian terraced houses where I live, and this is the image I chose.

If you submitted a pinhole photograph to the WPPD website I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below and include a link to you image.

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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2013

WPPD-graphicSunday 28th April 2013 is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD), an “ event created to promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photography”.

“Take some time off from the increasingly technological world we live in and to participate in the simple act of making a pinhole photograph.”

That sounds good to me, although I will be using my DSLR with a bodycap pinhole to make my pinhole photograph! Now although that means I am still using technology I find it is still a very different process to making images. The long exposures slow things down (not that I take photographs at any speed anyway!) and the lack of aperture control just seems to make things more fun without having to be concerned with depth of field and not having to focus a lens. I have just purchased a few rolls of Ilford FP4 120 roll film so I may be tempted to resurrect my Lubitel TLR that I converted to a pinhole camera some years ago; we shall see.

So, on Sunday the 28th April, a week today, get out there and make a pinhole photograph on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. All the information you need about making pinhole cameras and participating can be found on the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day website.