Tree Reflection and Ice

We have not had any snow in these parts at all this winter yet so here’s an image from last winter that I have just processed. I’m still hoping for a cold snap but my trip to North West Scotland in a few weeks time will hopefully provide me with the opportunity for landscape images with snow, and maybe even a tree or two!

‘Tree Reflection and Ice’

Winter Trees at the Tear Drop Lakes, Milton Keynes

I was fortunate enough to be able to get out and take some photographs recently whilst we had the snow. On this particular day there was also a most fantastic hoarfrost and, with the temperature not rising above zero degrees, I enjoyed the whole day in these amazing conditions. I spent quite a lot of time just enjoying the scenes before me, taking it all in, soaking up it all up, the stunning winter wonderland.

The three images here were all taken within about an hour of each other while wondering around the Tear Drop Lakes – one of the many lovely parks in Milton Keynes.

Winter Trees 4



Winter Trees 6



Winter Trees 5