Single tree, morning mist

I pulled back the curtains this morning to find a thick fog blanket draped over my back garden. I could not even see the houses opposite. It’s the first fog we have had since the summer and it brings with it, for me at least, a glimmer of hope and inspiration.

It has been summer you see. A lovely warm summer at that, which is great, it has been really lovely. With the trees in full leaf and the bright sunny weather I have not been inspired to photograph trees though.

I love fog, as do many photographers, so imagine my joy to see the thick fog this morning. It’s a good sign. A sign that cooler weather is coming which brings the potential for more fog and mist and the dropping of the leaves and the bare trees of winter, and frost and possibly snow and… I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Unfortunately I have a full time job sitting at a desk but I thought I might be able to take a few photos before I head into work. And I did.


‘Single tree, morning mist’

Tree and Rock (didn’t make the cut)

This image is a reject! Well not really, I actually like it. I am putting together a panel of images for my ARPS assessment and at some point last week I decided that the two images in the panel that were of single trees did not fit with the context of the rest of the panel, so they had to go. This image is one of them.

It is easy enough to reject images from a panel but then they have to be replaced (to make 15 images), and replaced with images that work in the panel. Fortunately this has worked out rather well and with a bit of shuffling around I think I am settled on my panel arrangement now, finally!

‘Tree and Rock’

Winter Trees at the Tear Drop Lakes, Milton Keynes

I was fortunate enough to be able to get out and take some photographs recently whilst we had the snow. On this particular day there was also a most fantastic hoarfrost and, with the temperature not rising above zero degrees, I enjoyed the whole day in these amazing conditions. I spent quite a lot of time just enjoying the scenes before me, taking it all in, soaking up it all up, the stunning winter wonderland.

The three images here were all taken within about an hour of each other while wondering around the Tear Drop Lakes – one of the many lovely parks in Milton Keynes.

Winter Trees 4



Winter Trees 6



Winter Trees 5