Tree Reflection and Ice

We have not had any snow in these parts at all this winter yet so here’s an image from last winter that I have just processed. I’m still hoping for a cold snap but my trip to North West Scotland in a few weeks time will hopefully provide me with the opportunity for landscape images with snow, and maybe even a tree or two!

‘Tree Reflection and Ice’

‘Copse and Sunlight’ – Peak District

To think that I was not going to go to the Peak District last Saturday. I had planned to go on Friday evening and stay overnight in my camper but a few late nights last week and lack of time led me to the decision not to go. However, talking it over with my other half, she suggested I just get up early in the morning and go, ‘just go’ she said, I was persuaded.

I arrived just after 08:00 into the bottom of the Peaks as I approached from the south, from the A50 towards Ashbourne. The light was beautiful. Lovely morning sunlight with broken clouds. Light rays streamed across the landscape, ever changing and never repeating. I was on a mission, I was looking for trees. I had it in mind that I would find trees on hills and I already had a vision of the kind of image I wanted.

‘Copse and Sunlight’

I was not disappointed. There were many trees on hills and I had taken several potentially good images before I reached Ashbourne. This is one of them. The lovely light did not last long and by lunch time the wind had become quite strong and it clouded over completely with a little light rain. That was it, I did not make any more photographs and headed home mid afternoon, happy and excited to upload my images.

Life and Death

I wonder if they knew each other. Perhaps once they all stood tall, together, protecting each other as they reached for the sky. Protecting fox and deer that sought sanctuary deep within the forest. Grown to be cut down, nothing could protect them; life and death.

Life and Death
‘Life and Death’